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Reduce Waste

Pledge contest winners announced!

Pledge to reduce waste

The average Minnesotan creates nearly 6 pounds of garbage each day.

By taking this pledge to reduce waste, you are telling your friends and neighbors that you are going to change your habits and make a difference. We hope you will use the Web site as a tool for learning about ways to reduce waste.

YES!  I pledge to reduce waste in my daily routine.

I pledge to reduce waste by purchasing products with returnable and refillable packaging, and avoiding over-packaged and disposable products.

I pledge to reduce waste by taking steps to cut back on the unwanted mail I receive.

I pledge to reduce waste by home composting, using a reusable shopping bag, or finding other ways to reduce waste.

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YES! Please keep me informed about how I can reduce waste.
NO.   I prefer to find out about waste reduction on my own.


About the contest winners

When it comes to reducing waste, everyone is a winner. Check out these twenty lucky people that also won a pair of airline tickets with their pledge to reduce waste.

(Pledges are no longer being entered into a contest for Sun Country airline tickets. The contest closed as of 4:30pm, February 25, 2000.)

Pat O'Donald Pequot Lakes, Minn.
Julie Rousseau Wyoming, Minn.
Sharyn Pogue Minneapolis, Minn.
Jeanne Hogetvedt Brooklyn Center, Minn.
Gertrude Franzmeier Richfield, Minn.
Tara Peterson Bloomington, Minn.
Lyle Hegland Bemidji, Minn.
Jennifer Deckert Crookston, Minn.
Vince Lanigan St. Paul, Minn.
Molly Sutton Oakdale, Minn.
Peter Norman Hammond, Wisc.
Michelle Wood Robbinsdale, Minn.
Maridee Urbatsch St. Paul, Minn.
Mary Overlee-Olson Owatonna, Minn.
Julia Loftus St. Paul, Minn.
Julie Lane Cambridge, Minn.
Billy Konstan Minneapolis, Minn.
Lois Jorgens Boyd, Minn.
Terry Nuy Marshall, Minn.
Shawna Ehlenbach Marshall, Minn.